Mentoring, Coaching and Specialist Facilities

Area of Mentoring and Coaching
Techno Centre Mentor
 Teaching students the science of programming and general problem solving with data structures and algorithms.
 Mentored 50+ undergraduate students in the Techno Centre of the SCiiS at UJ.
 Postgraduate Mentor
 This mentoring includes teaching students the craft of programming and general problem solving with data structures and algorithms.
 Led undergraduate students to the CHPC Server Cluster Challenge in 2013. Mentored undergraduate students and led them to compete at the ACM IPCP, additionally trained and led other undergraduate students to Standard Bank IT Challende all at Wits University in 2014.
 Staff Mentor
 Managed the Google and Microsoft Development Teams consisting of undergraduate and honours students at Ekiti State University in 2012.

Supervision or Co-Supervision

Student Name
 Research Study Title
 George Obaido
 PhD(2020): SQL comprehension and synthesis
 Sonny Kabaso
 MCom(2020): Synthesis of tweets with applications in marketing and education
 Nnamdi E-Okwunma
 MSc(2018): Automatic comprehension of customer queries for feedback generation
 Mohammed Ismail
 Hons(2019): Development of a chatbot for advising struggling students in introductory programming
 Elsa Kalemba
 Hons(2019): A metric for estimating the difficult of programming problems by ranking the constructs in their solutions
 Sifiso Mahlangu
 Hons(2018): Learning regular expressions via mobile gaming
 Tshephiso Serage
 Hons(2018): Development of a social media serious game for depression therapy
 Linda Mahlobo
 Hons(2017): Development of an online archive for qualification verification
 Ariel Rosenfeld
 Hons(2016): Regex Parse II: Teaching regular expression fundamentals via educational gaming
 Mark Durrheim
 Hons(2015): Code-Pathfinder: A stepwise programming E-tutor using plan mirroring
 David Kroukamp
 Hons(2015): Template-driven automatic generation of programming puzzles and solutions for gaming application
 Loveness Masemola
 Hons(2013): Automatic marking of formal language automata