Research Cluster

Formal Structures, Algorithms, and Industrial Applications 

Prof. A. Ade-Ibijola

Lead, Research Cluster
Prof. Abejide Ade-Ibijola holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University  of the Witwatersrand, South Africa(2016). He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Johannesburg.

Prof. Ian Sanders

Collaborator, UNISA
Prof Ian Sanders is a professor at UNISA,  he has a PhD  in  Computer Science from the University of Pretoria and an MSc in Applied mathematics from WITS.  

Dr. Mike Marin

Collaborator, IBM Lab, USA
Dr. Mike Marin is an IBM Distinguished Engineer. He has more than 20 years of experience developing software, and has a PhD in Computer Science. He is  an ACM Distinguished Engineer.


Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Dr. Hima Vadapalli

Collaborator, WITS
Dr. Vadapalli is a senior lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at WITS. She has a BTech, MTech and PhD.

Prof. Marius Wait

Collaborator, UJ
Dr. Marius Wait has a PhD in Marketing Management (Specialisation in Sales Management). He is currently a lecturer at UJ for Personal Selling, Sales Management and International Marketing and has been for over 15 years.

Musa Kalenga

Collaborator, Bridge Labs
Musa holds an MBA in Marketing and Digital strategy. He is currently the  at executive at Bridge Labs, The Brave Group Of Companies and African Tech Round Up.


Dr. Simon Abbott

PhD Candidate, UJ
Dr Simon Abbott has  a PhD in Business/Managerial Economics from Newport University, and  is currently pursuing another PhD in Health Information systems at UJ.

Dr. George Okeyo

Chief Data Scientist
Dr George Okeyo is a Senior lecturer at JKUAT.

Prof. Sigrid Ewert

Professor, WITS
Prof Sigrid Ewert is a professor at the School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.


Kola Olajide

Collaborator, Bridge Labs
Kola Olajide is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Bridge Labs and has designed solutions in education, marketing, insurance and banking.

Dale Deacon

Collaborator, EPIC
Dale P. Deacon is a strategic technologist and founder of the Epic Research & Development Lab. He has a Masters in Philosophy(MPhil & PGDip) and certifications in Python 3, Prince2 Project Management and Growth-Driven Design

Dr. Hennie Loubser

Collaborator, SADFM
Director and chief qualitative researcher, designer and developer of the SADFM instruments, the continuum of care, the minimal datasets and the coding systems.


Department of Applied Information Systems, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


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